New Dwelling Tromode, Isle of Man.

Status: Construction Phase Completed June 2009.

The scheme consists of a new 4 bedroom dwelling on a difficult site in the Tromode area of Douglas. The site is some 140 metres long and between 19 and 21 metres wide, running along the River Glass to one side and bordered by Tromode Road to the other. Consequently, any building must be 8 metres away from the river and a discreet distance from the road, thus limiting the design.

The resulting design has responded to these constraints by providing the living accommodation at first floor, maximising views over the river to the rear, whilst locating circulation space, bathrooms and the garage to the roadside at ground floor level. The bedrooms opening out to the river to the rear.

The building is linear in nature and makes best use of the site by maximising views of the river.

The first floor living accommodation is open plan in nature and is enhanced by a projecting glazed bay providing a sitting area with views up and down the river. This is complemented by balconies running along the river elevation at first floor providing external space.